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You Have No Dignity by thethrash87
You Have No Dignity
So Hype for Street Fighter 5!

My PS4 savings fund has already begun...I hope they do a SFV bundle...but I think that's just wishful thinking

On the subject of wishful thinking, I want to see some DUDLEY in SFV! and not SF4 Dudley. But badass, arrogant, deep voiced, lats-so-massive-they-have-their-own-jiggle-physics Third Strike Dudley! With some real tools to get inside and do some damage. Because lets face it, Dudley's playstyle didn't work in SF4. People had too many defensive tools to keep him out. Not saying there wasn't some amazing Dudley players out there. But I want to see some 'top 8 at EVO' tools.

But I know, I know, the chances are slim. England already has two fighters on the roster (Cammy and Birdie). But maybe we'll get a Dudley dlc down the line sometime. Then, we can fight like gentlemen!

Thanks for taking a look!

ps. If not Dudley, how about making a boxer one of the new female boxer! fund it capcom!
Random LAN by thethrash87
Random LAN
Quick late night doodle. Was watching a random anime on netflix; Lagrange: The Flower of Rin-ne. Paused it to go to the kitchen, and this was the screen still I returned to...thought it might be fun to my own style, if I can claim to have such a thing. Just freehand pencil and flats, but fun none the less.
The scene captures the alien princess Lan, piloting a giant robot. She is, of course, in the cockpit of said robot, in a posture that could only make any amount of sense in an anime.

fun fact, this particular scene is from episode 3 of season the 9:56 mark, to be precise.

Thanks for stopping by
How is Kili a Dwarf? by thethrash87
How is Kili a Dwarf?
I was sifting through my vast library of almost finished drawings and I ran across this little joke. Figure I should just post it as is, otherwise it will just rot in my "Art" folder.

Anyways, I drew this after I saw the first or second Hobbit movie...whichever point my complete incredulity over Kili finally boiled over into artistic expression.

While I do give them credit for the bad ass dwarven trench coat, seriously, what is up with the dwarves in the hobbit? I totally get trying to branch out, and make interesting character designs. But they departed waaay too far from the archetype to even be considered dwarves anymore. Kili is the worst example...he is just a short dude..... Meh, whatever. It was an entertaining enough movie, I suppose. I just think its a marketing franchise that has strayed too far from the spirit of the source material I love.

So, much love, Peter Jackson, you're a very talented person, but my dwarves are chuckling at your dwarves....however much authority that carries ;)

Thanks for taking a look.
Kara Heavyhammer 2 by thethrash87
Kara Heavyhammer 2
I swear, I draw all the time. and finish almost nothing, haha. This took me far longer than I care to discuss, and I have no way of gauging its quality. So I offer it up to public gentle.

anyway, self deprecation aside;
my Dwarven OC, and one of the main characters in my fantasy setting. I do rather enjoy drawing dwarves...I get the occasional sideways glance for it, but who cares. They are awesome.

I used to have Kara using a smaller version of her axe, along with a shield but in the end, the double hander matched better with her personality, and the fighting style I envision her with.

Thanks for taking a look :D


Sean Thrasher
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United States
I'm a simple man, who likes simple things. To keep the bills payed, I wear a tie and a laptop bag and do very boring things involving very boring people, and machines, and computers and such.
But with all that out of they way, I like to watch movies, doodle on scraps of paper, read ridiculous books, play the vidya, lolly-gag with friends, and all manner tom-foolery and ballyhoo.

So to summarize, I suppose you can say I'm a huge nerd, and I'm pretty damn happy about it :D
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I found myself some free time and decided to try and catch up on some stuff. I've been working on my ME3 pic for a long time now, its burning me out. I took a break today and drew my last post in a few hours. I was pretty happy with how it turned out.

you know what? Wraithdragon had a cool idea. I need some drawing practice. so if anyone has any requests, feel free to post em and I'll draw them up for fun!

Thanks to everyone for the support!


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